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Family owned and operated

About Us

Space Coast Recycling specializes in recyclable materials of metals and electronics.


We are proud to say Keith is back in the Recycling Business again. You may remember him being the manager of CMC Recycling, the tan building in the Kirby Industrial Area on Biltz Ave for 13 years. Keith and his family are proud to help the community again with your recycling needs.  


Keith has been in the recycling business bout 30 years. He specializes in;

  • Knowledge of Metals - Keith was running his own site for Reynolds Aluminum in Sanford, Florida for 11 years before managing Commercial Metals Company in Palm Bay, Florida for 13 years in the exact same site he is in now. He can determine what a metal it is and what it will be recycled as. 

  • Customer Service - Keith has been working in the customer service field for over 30 years, he will not only treat you like a person but with respect as well.

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